Relax & Unwind!

Relax during a 4-day yoga retreat on the beautiful isle in the Waddensea Terschelling. Wake up on-board of the traditional sailingship ‘Vrouwezand’ from 1903 and live in the rhythm of the tides.

Yoga and meditation fill a major part of your day and evening. Besides that you’ve got time to discover the isle, read a book or enjoy a drink on a terrace.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided on-board by Yvonne. She will cook healthy meals for you from her own kitchen from merely pure products, when possible local from the isle. Cakes and quiches are her specialty, salads a must

Yogaretreat-dates 2022.

Monday 2 May 10:00 – Friday 6 May 16:00 May-retreat. Harlingen – Harlingen (Sleep over the night before is possible).

Monday 20 June 15:00 – Friday 24 June 18:00 Midsummernight-retreat Terschelling – Harlingen

Thursday 14 July 10:00 – Sunday 17July 15:00 Julyretreat A Harlingen – Terschelling (Sleep over the night before is possible).

Thursday 21July 15:00 – Sunday 24 July 18:00 Julyretreat B Harlingen – Harlingen

Thursday 28 July 10:00 – Sunday 31 July 15:00 Julyretreat C Harlingen – Terschelling (Sleep over the night before is possible).

Thursday 4 August 13:00 – Sunday 7 August 18:00 Augustretreat A Harlingen – Harlingen

Thursday 11 August 10:00 – Sunday 14 August 15:00 Augustretreat B Harlingen – Terschelling (Sleep over the night before is possible).

Thursday 18 August 13:00 – Sunday 21 August 18:00 Augustrtereat C Harlingen – Harlingen

There are 5-days retreats, starting on monday and 4-days retreats, starting on thursday.

Harbour of departure is ‘Harlingen’ except for the Midsummernightretreat, who starts on the isle of Terschelling, so you have to take the fairy from Harlingen.

The other retreats we will sail with the Vrouwezand to Terschelling. Th time of departure is depending on the tides, so don’t be late! A sleep over the night before is possible, for €40,- per person per night.

In case of ‘Harlingen – Harlingen’, the retreat starts and ends with a sailing trip on the Vrouwezand. When there is ‘Harlingen – Terschelling’on the scedule, you go back on your own with the local fairy to Harlingen.