Yoga retreat on Terschelling

Owner and skipper Yvonne van Scheijen offers her sailingship and yoga boat ‘Vrouwezand’ as unique location for full board yoga retreats on the beautiful isle of Terschelling. 
In Harlingen you embark on board of the ‘Vrouwezand’ and together you sail to the isle of Terschelling. During the retreat you stay and sleep on-board in your own cabin.


Relax & Unwind!
Relax during a 4-day yoga retreat on the beautiful isle in the Waddensea Terschelling. Wake up on-board of the traditional sailingship ‘Vrouwezand’ from 1903 and live in the rhythm of the tides.

The ship

Yoga boat ‘Vrouwezand’ is a classic sailingship, built in 1903.
Untill 1976 she was used as cargo ship to England and Denmark. In 1994 Yvonne became the new owner. Since then she is the sailing skipper at the helm. There are 7 cabins, either two or four bed version.

Who are we

Yvonne van Scheijen studied biology at Wageningen University. In 1990 she ended up in the world of chartersailing and since then sailing is her profession. From 2015 she immersed herself in yoga and meditatie. Corona accelerated Yvonne’s ideas about starting a ‘yoga boat’.


Most 4-days yoga retreats start on Thursday. The yoga classes are guaranteed to take place, on a different location on the isle, indoors.
A retreat includes lessons, meals, coffee and tea and bike-rental.